Monday, February 13, 2017

So you want to write a book - Part 5

You’re getting close

When your writing is done, give yourself a pat on the back.  Well done.

But there’s more to be done before you can submit your manuscript to a publisher.

What else do you need to do?

Cover design
Your cover is your advertising. You want your cover to attract potential buyers to pick up the book and want to read more.

It is a very subjective process and can take time.  So build in enough time for it to happen so you end up with the cover of your dreams.  There are reasonable designers out there – Fivrr or 19 – allow you to post what you are looking for and then you can select the best that comes out of the process.   Or perhaps you know a graphic designer who can assist.

The wording on the back cover is important.  It should include a summary of what the book is about, not in detail, more a teaser so the reader wants to learn more. We used a testimonial of a celebrity who liked One Red Lipstick on the back of that book.   Her name gave the book credibility. 

Once you are close to done, send copies out to people who will speak with authority about the value of your book.  Five or six will do.  You just want a short paragraph from them.  Some folks will even ask you to write what you want them to say, so be poised and ready to do that.

You also want to have some colleagues read the book.  People you trust and respect who will give you honest feedback.  When I was writing Day by Day, I had a group of friends read the draft manuscript and as a result made some changes and added sections.  It is good to have the objective feedback.

Copy editing
While you may be a good writer, I know for myself, I am not the grammar queen and so having a professional copy editor tidy up the manuscript is money well-spent as you want your book to be a professional reflection on yourself.  Typos and grammar mistakes don’t instil the same confidence in what you have to say and can distract from the important message you want to convey.

This post is part five of a series on writing books by Anne Day, President of Full Circle Publishing and author/editor of five books on Women and Entrepreneurship.  Her next book, co-authored with Amy Vodarek will be coming out in Spring, 2017

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