Monday, March 6, 2017

So you want to write a book - Part 7

7.         Spreading the word

Many authors will share that writing the book was the easy part, selling it is hard work.

And it starts long before you hold that first copy in your hand.  You need to be building up hype and interest in your book as you go along.  That way it is easy to create buzz and momentum once it is out.

So how do you do that?

Start writing about the topic of your book so that you can generate interest in both your writing and the book.  Now don’t use the book material word for word, or no one will need to buy it, but expand on a section.  Your blog will also help you gauge interest in different sections.

List building
You want to start building a list of followers, people who will be interested in reading your book when it comes out.  You can do this through e-newsletters, speaking engagements and through social media.

Perhaps you offer a free e-book which could be just a ten-page pdf file on a specific topic that people opt-in to receive.

With social media, share information on useful articles and resources related to your topic.  This way you become recognized as an expert and leader in your field.

When you sign up and subscribe to online publications you receive material on a regular basis that you can share on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Start attending events where your potential readers can be found.  When asked what you are doing, tell people about the book.

As you get nearer to publication, have business cards made up with cover of book, website, and your contact information.  Vista Print can produce cards economically.

It helps to have a website to attract people and share more about the book and yourself as the author.  If you want to do speaking engagements, outline the topics you will cover.  You can also sell your book from the website.

This post is part seven of a series on writing books by Anne Day, President of Full Circle Publishing and author/editor of five books on Women and Entrepreneurship.  Her next book, co-authored with Amy Vodarek will be coming out in Spring, 2017

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